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 Dota All Stars

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PostSubject: Dota All Stars   Wed May 14, 2008 6:32 am

Note:This is a voluntary ad by the admin

About GG Game
GG Game connects global gamers regardless of distance and language. With a vibrant online community, gamers can find a virtual home in GG Game where they can enjoy quality games, learn new things and make more friends from countries in all corners of the world. GG Game enhances game enthusiasts’ gaming experience by continuous innovation on cutting edge technologies.

The people behind GG Game are a group of gaming and technology lovers. Being gamers just like you are, we understand what gamers want – and we will provide you with the best! “By Gamers, For Gamers” – the spirit of GG Game.

GG Game's online gaming platform, Garena, has attracted over 3.5 million gamers from 253 countries/regions as of present and the number is still rising! More than 5,000 new gamers register and 150,000 gamers from all over the world play on Garena every day!

About Garena
Garena provides an arena for gamers to chat, challenge opponents and play their favorite multiplayer games over the internet with other gamers world-wide. While playing, you will enjoy unparallel good latency powered by Garena's advance network solution and enjoy fair competition environment protected by Garena anti-hacking solution. All that and more - for FREE!

Garena is the leading gaming platform in Asia and is fast gaining its popularity in the West. Garena is divided into three major sections: “LAN Games” to play Garena supported games; “Leagues and Tournaments” where the top leagues and tournaments are hosted; and "Casual Games" for users to play free and fun casual webgames. The user interface and all its functions are specifically designed to be very accessible and easy to use.

Garena Features:

Easy Hosting and Good Latency: Host your game from anywhere at any time in the world and enjoy quality gaming with fellow gamers from your local region or overseas without worrying about latency issues or dropping out of the game!
Anti-Cheat System: Looking for a fair and secured platform? Garena is the one you are looking for with its up-to-date Anti-Cheat system which automatically bans user attempting to use cheats such as map hack and etc.
Experience Ladder System: Gain EXP in every game you play in Garena. So enjoy playing while leveling up and get more privileges! Now that’s playing with a purpose!
Unique Buddy System and Messenger: Enjoy the same experience as Yahoo and MSN messenger plus more game-specific features embedded. Add your friend’s Garena ID and get instant messaging access through Garena Buddy system.
Clan System: Garena Clans enable gamers to formally team up with friends and allies. Each clan will have its own private clan chatroom in Garena.
GGTV Broadcast: Watch world-class E-sports LIVE on GGTV or anytime when you are free! It’s so much exciting here that you wouldn’t want to turn on your television anymore!
War3 1v1 Ladder System: Garena also provides an automated Warcraft3: TFT 1v1 ladder system. The easy and fast way to search for opponent plus it will automatically record your wins, loses, and all other related information!
Casual Games: Play and enjoy with over 70 fun and unique casual games integrated in Garena - all for free!

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Dota All Stars
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